About us

Welcome to SunGold Soaps! All of our products are hand crafted in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. It is for this reason that no two items will be exactly the same. We do not skimp on the ingredients we use, as we know this is what makes the difference between a good soap and a great soap!

The story of SunGold Soaps all began with a single bar of hand-crafted soap at a small town craft fair. I was immediately taken with the beauty, simplicity and natural fragrance. It was so much better than any soap I had ever seen or used before! Thus started my passionate journey into the world of hand crafted, soapmaking. Since then, I have pursued an in depth education in the field of natural oils, essences, butters, and all natural soapmaking techniques and ingredients. The result is what I am confident is the best line of natural soap products available. I hope you enjoy the wonderful soaps, bath bombs, spa bars, facial bars, shave products, lip balms and lotion bars I have created with you in mind.

Judy Balsavich

SunGold Soaps.